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Welcome to Poland: HDB SIHR IBN MASSAI
We are happy to announce that HDB Sihr Ibn Massai arrived shortly after the European Championship safe at 'Grab√≥w nad Pilica' of Tomasz Tarczynski. He will be available throughout Europe via fresh transported semen.

Please contact Claudia to book your breeding...

HDB SIHR IBN MASSAI - Bronze Champion at the Europeans in Verona
HDB Sihr Ibn Massai was able to prove during the European Championships as well his own quality as the quality of his father Massai Ibn Marenga as a sire. In his class, Sihr became second behind the later European Champion Abha Qatar, but totally convinced the judges in the championships and was crowned with the Bronze Champion title!

We would like to wish Giampaolo Gubbiotti all the best with his gorgeous young stallion for the future!

Final classification:

Gold Champion Colt: Abha Qatar, Owner: Al Mohamedia Stud, KSA
Silver Champion Colt: Shangay, Owner: Equus Arabians, ES
Bronze Champion Colt: HDB Sihr Ibn Massai, Owner: Giampaolo Gubbiotti, IT
Top Five: Kabsztad, Owner: Michalow Stud PL, Leaser: Atbah Stud, KSA
Top Five: Fahim Ishane OS, Owner: Haras de Polletins, FRA

Pictures are following soon...

MILLENNIA - Top Five Mares European Championships Verona
During the European Championships in Verona, our Millennia won her class with fabulous 459 points:

Type: 19 20 20 19 20
Head & Neck: 18 20 20 19 19
Body & Topline: 18 18 19 18 18
Legs: 16 16 16 16 16
Movements: 19 19 18 19 19

In the Championships, she received one vote for Silver and two votes for Bronze, and stepped up in the Top Five leaving highest quality mares behind...

We are so proud of our straight russian lady!

Final classification:

Gold Champion Mare: Kwestura, Owner: Ayman Stud, UAE
Silver Champion Mare: Magora, Owner: Al Khaledia Stud, KSA
Bronze Champion Mare: Emandoria, Owner: Michalow State Stud, PL
Top Five: Millennia, Owner: Darius Arabians, Leaser: Giampaolo Gubbiotti & Antonio Stefano, IT
Top Five: CF Shamila, Owner: Francesca Tommasoni, IT

Pictures are following soon...

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