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Int. C-Show Deauville / France
Claudia judging at the Int. C-Show in Deauville / France.

Da Mandala winning his first dressage competition
Da Mandala (Da Energetic x Madeira) *2004 gave his debut during the 'Arabersporttag' of the Swiss Arab Horse Organization in a dressage competition. So far, the talented gelding performed successfully for his owner Karin Annen (Switzerland) in endurance rides and infront of a carriage. Now he proved himself once more winning his first dressage test GA01 under Claudia Fröhli among 15 competitors.

Our best wishes go to the proud owner as well as the rider. Fingers remain crossed for the future!

New Elite-Mares
The German Arab Horse Society (VZAP e.V,) honoured our two mares Aplikala (Karnaval x Amplituda) *1994 and Millennia (TheFinalJudgement x Madeira (Elite)) with the highest possible award.

From now on both of them carry the title: Elite Mare!

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