• Viza •
mare, grey, 1983 - 2009
Sire line: Mansour ( Saklawi I d.b.)
Dam line: Taktika – (Selma I)
breeder: Tersk, RUS
 Aswan  Nazeer  Mansour  Gamil Manial
 Nafa El Saghira
 Bint Samiha  Kazmeen
 Yosreia  Sheikh El Arab  Mansour
 Bint Sabah
 Hind  Ibn Rabdan
 Bint Rustem
 Palmira  Salon  Negativ  Naseem
 Sonata  Skrzyp
 Ptashka  Priboj  Piolun
 Taktika  Taki Pan


1983 – 2009


1988 Eden (by Esplendor), colt
1990 Viziter (by Esplendor), colt
1991 Edva (by Esplendor), filly
1992 Elevator (by Esplendor), colt
1993 Edvin (by Esplendor), colt
1994 Valma (by Mukomol), chestnut filly
1995 Vozglas (by Gusar), colt
1999 Abi-Swan (by Abitibi)
2000 Hobakha'Ba (by Barour de Cardonne)
2001 Osiris'Ba (by Barour de Cardonne)
2005 (by Da Energetic), chestnut colt, deceased
2006 (by Prussia MG), grey filly, deceased


Race record: Piatygorsk / Russia 2/14 (4-3-2-0-5)

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